Arabic Weak Verbs


Definition:If any triliteral rooted verb's one of the three root letters is one of alif (hamza, a), waaw (w) or yaa (y) then that is defined as a weak verb.

Any verb which does not contain one of the alif (hamza), waaw or yaa as one of the root letters is defined as a strong verb.
Moreover, any verb doubled with a shadda in the second root letter is a weak verb. There are so many weak verbs which fit to this definition that it would be difficult to list them all. We will give a few examples to show how they are conjugated.

For example, the verbs which start with waaw (e.g., the first letter of the triliteral root letter is waaw) are weak verbs, e.g., wajada=to find, wahaba=to give, waDa'A=to put, waqafa=to stand up, wa'Ada=to promise. We will give the conjugation of the wajada and wa'Ada below.

The dual form is not used in daily life. It is usually an academic interest. Therefore, from now on we will skip the dual form from our tables.

Verb=wajada=to find, masc=m, fem=f
English Pronouns Arabic Pronouns  
I anaa wajadtu ajidu
Thou (m) anta wajadta tajidu
Thou (f) anti wajadti tajidiyna
He huwa wajada yajidu
She hiya wajadat tajidu
We nahnu wajadnaa najidu
You (m) antum wajadtum tajiduuna
You (f) antunna wajadtunna tajidna
They (m) hum wajaduu yajiduuna
They (f) hunna wajadna yajidna
Verb=wa'Ada=to promise
wa'Adtu a'Idu
wa'Adta ta'Idu
wa'Adti ta'Idiyna
wa'Ada ya'Idu
wa'Adat ta'Idu
wa'Adnaa na'Idu
wa'Adtum ta'Iduuna
wa'Adtunna ta'Idna
wa'Aduu ya'Iduuna
wa'Adna ya'Idna

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