Arabic Weak Verbs

Let's repeat the definition of the weak verbs.

If any triliteral rooted verb's one of the three root letters is one of alif (hamza, a), waaw (w) or yaa (y) then that is defined as a weak verb.

In this section, we will give examples for the weak verbs whose second letter of the triliteral root is one of alif (a), waaw (w) or yaa (y). There are many verbs in this category. These class of verbs are well known for being troublesome with respect to their conjugation. The verbs whose second letter is an alif is the most troublesome. We will give a few examples in order to ease the learner's pain.

The dual form is not used in daily life. It is usually an academic interest. Therefore, we will skip the dual form from our tables.

Second root letter=alif                                                                                                                                                                                 Second root letter=alif
Verb=baa'A=to sell, masc=m, fem=f
English Pronouns Arabic Pronouns  
I anaa bi'tu abi'U
Thou (m) anta bi'ta tabi'U
Thou (f) anti bi'ti tabi'Iyna
He huwa baa'A yabi'U
She hiya baa'At tabi'U
We nahnu bi'naa nabi'U
You (m) antum bi'tum tabi'UUna
You (f) antunna bi'tunna tabi'na
They (m) hum baa'UU yabi'UUna
They (f) hunna bi'na yabi'na
Verb=jaa'A=to come
ji'tu aji'U
ji'ta taji'U
ji'ti taji'Iyna
jaa'A yaji'U
jaa'At taji'U
ji'naa naji'U
ji'tum taji'UUne
ji'tunna taji'na
jaa'UU yaji'UUna
ji'na yaji'na

Three root letters of the verb baa'A are the letters baa (b), alif (a), and ayn ('A).

Three root letters of the verb jaa'A are the letters jiim (j), alif (a), and ayn ('A).

Please observe that the difference between the two verbs is in the first letter. Middle and the last letters are the same and therefore they follow the same pattern with respect to second and third letters.

Second root letter=yaa                                                                                                                                                                                 Second root letter=alif
Verb=saara=to travel, root=s-y-r, masc=m, fem=f
English Pronouns Arabic Pronouns  
I anaa sirtu asiyru
Thou (m) anta sirta tasiyru
Thou (f) anti sirti tasiyriyna
He huwe saara yasiyru
She hiya saarat tasiyru
We nahnu sirnaa nasiyru
You (m) antum sirtum tasiyruuna
You (f) antunna sirtunna tasirna
They (m) hum saaruu yasiyruuna
They (f) hunna sirna yasirna
Verb=kaana=to be
kuntu akuunu
kunta takuunu
kunti takuuniyna
kaana yakuunu
kaanat takuunu
kunnaa nakuunu
kuntum takuunuuna
kuntunna takunna
kaanuu yakuunuuna
kunna yakunna

Second root letter=waaw                                                                                                                                                           Second root letter=waaw
Verb=raway=to relate, root=r-w-y masc=m, fem=f
English Pronouns Arabic Pronouns  
I anaa rawaytu arwiy
Thou (m) anta rawayta tarwiy
Thou (f) anti rawayti tarwiyna
He huwa raway yarwiiy
She hiya rawat tarwiiy
We nahnu rawaynaa narwiiy
You (m) antum rawaytum tarwuuna
You (f) antunna rawaytunna tarwiyna
They (m) hum rawaw yarwuuna
They (f) hunna rawayna yarwiyna
Verb=sawiya=to equal
sawiytu asway
sawiyta tasway
sawiyti taswayna
sawiya yasway
sawiyat tasway
sawiynaa nasway
sawiytum taswawna
sawiytunna taswayna
sawuu yaswawna
sawiyna yaswayna

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