Arabic weak verbs

Let's repeat the definition of the weak verbs.

If any triliteral rooted verb's one of the three root letters is one of alif (hamza, a), waaw (w) or yaa (y) then that is defined as a weak verb.

In this section we will give examples for the weak verbs whose third letter of the triliteral root is one of alif (a), waaw (w) or yaa (y).

The dual form is not used in daily life. It is usually an academic interest. Therefore, we will skip the dual form from our tables.

Last root letter=alif                                             Last root letter=alif
Verb=qara'a=to read, root=q-r-a, masc=m, fem=f
English Pronouns Arabic Pronouns  
I anaa qara'tu aqra'u
Thou (m) anta qara'ta taqra'u
Thou (f) anti qara'ti taqra'uuna
He huwa qara'a yaqra'u
She hiya qara'at taqra'u
We nahnu qara'naa naqra'u
You (m) antum qara'tum taqra'uu
You (f) antunna qara'tunna taqra'na
They (m) hum qara'uu yaqra'uu
They (f) hunna qara'na yaqra'na
Verb=bada'a=to begin
bada'tu abda'u
bada'ta tabda'u
bada'ti tabda'iyna
bada'a yabda'u
bada'at tabda'u
bada'naa nabda'u
bada'tum tabdauuna
bada'tunna tabda'na
bada'uu yabdauuna
bada'na yabda'na

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