Doubled Verbs

If any triliteral rooted verb's second and third of the three root letters is the same letter then that is defined as the doubled verb. When the third letter contains a vowel, then second and third letters are combined and written with a shadda over the second letter signifaying the doubling. Below given examples demonstrate this rule.

The dual form is not used in daily life. It is usually an academic interest. Therefore, we will skip the dual form from our tables.

Verb=wadda=to love, masc=m, fem=f
English Pronouns Arabic Pronouns  
I anaa wadadtu awaddu
Thou (m) anta wadadta tawaddu
Thou (f) anti wadadti tawaddiyna
He huwa wadda yawaddu
She hiya waddat tawaddu
We nahnu wadadnaa nawaddu
You (m) antum wadadtum tawadduuna
You (f) antunna wadadtunna tawdadna
They (m) hum wadduu yawadduuna
They (f) hunna wadadna yawdadna
Verb=shakka=to doubt
shakaktu ashukku
shakakta tashukku
shakakti tashukkiyna
shakka yashukku
shakkat tashukku
shakaknaa nashukku
shakaktum tashukkuuna
shakaktunna tashkukna
shakkuu yashukkuuna
shakakna yashkukna

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