Verse 94

9:94 ya'Åtadhiruuna ilaykum idhaa raja'Åtum ilayhim* qul laa ta'Åtadhiruu lan nu'mina lakum qad nab-ba-anal-laahu min akhbaarikum* wa sa yaral-laahu 'Amalakum wa rasuuluhuu thum-ma turad-duuna ilaa 'AAlimil gaybi wash shahaadati fa yunab-biukum bimaa kuntum ta'Åmaluun

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Ahmed Raza Khan: Mohammed Aqib Qadri:
They will make excuses to you when you return to them; say, "Do not make excuses - we shall never believe you - Allah has given us your tidings; and Allah and His Noble Messenger will now see your deeds, and then you will return to Him Who knows everything, the hidden and the visible - He will inform you of all what you used to do."

Yusuf Ali:
They will present their excuses to you when ye return to them. Say thou: "Present no excuses: we shall not believe you: Allah hath already informed us of the true state of matters concerning you: It is your actions that Allah and His Messenger will observe: in the end will ye be brought back to Him Who knoweth what is hidden and what is open: then will He show you the truth of all that ye did."

They will make excuse to you (Muslims) when ye return unto them. Say: Make no excuse, for we shall not believe you. Allah hath told us tidings of you. Allah and His messenger will see your conduct, and then ye will be brought back unto Him Who knoweth the Invisible as well as the Visible, and He will tell you what ye used to do.

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