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2. Whole Surah in one file with Arabic & Transliteration and Audio

3. Whole Qur'an in Arabic Only

4. Whole Qur'an in Arabic Only-Page-by-Page

5. Arabic Grammar Tutorials

6. Qur'an Reading Tutorial

7. The proof of word of Allah exists in the Qur'an for 2698 times which is 19x142

8. The proof of word of Allah exists in the Qur'an for 2698 times which is 19x142 (PDF file)

9. Miraculous code 19 in the Qur'an

10. Miraculous even-odd suras in the Qur'an

11. Miraculous code 19 in the Lafzi Jalal (Name of Allah) in the Qur'an


13. ROQYAH Ayats

14. mp3 for ROQYAH Ayats

15. Compare Qur'ans published in Saudi Arabia and in Turkey

16. Dr. Gary Miller (Abdul Ahad Omar) The Basis of Muslim Belief

Türkçe Kısmı

Transkripsiyonlu-Kur'an Sayfaları Bilgisayar-yazımlı Arapça Kur'an Transkripsiyonlu-Seçme Sureler
Transkripsiyonlu-Kur'an Duaları Rukye-Ayetleri-Arapça-Türkçe Transkripsiyonlu-Hac Duaları
Kur'an'da-Detaylı-2698 Allah Kelimesi Kur'an'da Esmaü-l-Hüsna 2017-2018 Kur'an Araştırmaları 7*11*19
Karşılaştırmalı-Türkiye-Suudi Kur'an Baskıları Karşılaştırmalı-Yedi-Kur'an Meali İspatlı 2698-Allah Kelimesi
Kur'an'da Altın Oran Araştırmaları Kur'an Tarihi Kur'an'da Uzaklık Araştırmaları

Yedi Meal'i bilgisayarına indirmek için tıkla

Allah kelimesinin Kur'an'ın surelerinde 19un katsayısı ayetlerde 19x7=133 defa olduğunun ispatı

Kur'an'da mucizevi 19 rakamı ile ilgili doküman

Yeni Basılan Kitabım: 19x Özün Özü-Tanıtım PDF indir


a'UUdhu billaahi minash shayTaanir rajiim bismillaahir raHmaanir raHiym

Let the infinite praise be to Allahu ta'aala , the creator of all beings who fashioned us in the best manner. Let infinite peace and blessings be upon the last and final (Seal) of all the Prophets, Muhammad, who has brought us "the Truth" from Allahu ta'aala including the Qur'an al-kareem. Let infinite peace and blessings be upon the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). We would be in a total loss today if it was not their selfless effort to bring the message to the following generations.
Let infinite peace and blessings be upon the rightly guided scholars who lived between the Companions (peace be upon them) and us and who strived to bring the message to us in a pure state.

Correct reading of the Holy Qur'an is the utmost important duty for all Muslims. In the hope of contributing to this cause, I prepared this multimedia Qur'an with tajweed. I hope you will find this work useful and benefit from it by repeated use. Please pray for all persons who conributed to this project. Thanks.

The main difference which distinguishes my transliteration from the others is that I used four different letters to represent the character "Ayn." The letter Ayn is the most troublesome. I used capital letters A, I, U, and Å to represent the Ayn with fatha, kasra, damma and with the jazm respectively. I also used "*" to represent stopping points. These are according to the Hafeez Uthman Qur'an. Therefore, gives an alternate choice for stopping. Arabic script is written according to the tajweed rules. Latin transliteration also follows the tajweed rules. I also prepared a brief explanation of the tajweed rules and applied them to the Yaseen Surah. If you are not familiar with tajweed rules, I would strongly recommend you spend some time with this file
Please also see the transliteration table at the end of this page. Please go through the transliteration table carefully and absorb what each character represents. I have also a CD version of these files. I gave the CD to some of my friends and observed them how they go through the files on the CD. They usually jump right to the suras without looking at the transliteration table and then they don't understand certain things and start to ask questions. The answers are in the transliteration table. You have to throughly learn what each letter represent in order to benefit from the transliteration.

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